Alta Lake, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

My name is Jen and I’m a travel addict.  Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, I’ve meandered around the globe and currently call Toronto, Ontario home.

I went on my first overseas adventure at the age of 18 and haven’t looked back.  I’ve spent the last two decades visiting foreign lands and occasionally living in them.  I live to explore, and my aim is to see and experience as much of this world as I possibly can.

After four solid years as a travel bum in my twenties, I returned to Canada to settle into a “normal” life.  I’m still working on finding the balance between a full-time career, part-time university and my love of the road.  I’ll let y’all know if I ever find it!

Why the blog?  Before I first set out on my adventures, I spent a lot of time searching for stories from other solo independent travellers.  It was a struggle and I only ever found a handful of good resources.  Hearing from others who had gone before me fueled my passion to go out and explore the world for myself.  This is me paying it forward.  If this site can inspire or encourage just one person to make that first step into the great unknown, then it will have been worth it.

In between my new adventures, I’m continuing to type up my old journals, so check back often for updates.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”
~Benjamin Disraeli~


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