Tales from the Backpack

Compass-And-Old-Map (2)



Alright, so after a rather hectic couple of months, I’m back…I think 馃槢 A lot has been going on, the details of which, I will not bore you with.聽 Bottom line: travel funds and...

Countryside near Guardalavaca, Cuba



Alas, this trip has been far too short.聽 Today was my last day in Cuba.聽 With a late flight out, I had the whole day free.聽 I decided to walk over to the neighbouring...

Iglesia San Jose, Parque San Jose, H贸lguin



It was a hot, long day.聽 I was on the bus early to make the trek into H贸lguin.聽 Taking the easy option, I joined one of the organized day tours from the resort.聽 The...

Paradisus Rio de Oro, Guardalavaca, Cuba



This morning I felt like I stepped straight into a travel brochure.聽 Sunshine, clear skies, tropical birds singing, sheer white billowing curtains with turquoise water and a white sand beach just steps away.聽 All...

Paradisus Rio de Oro

Paradise Found


As usual, travel days are always long and tedious.聽 With an afternoon flight at least I didn鈥檛 need to be up at ridiculous o鈥檆lock for once.聽 I spent this morning doing the last minute...